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Mis à jour : 8 janv. 2020

Do you want to become a member? Or only to watch the content without subscriptions?

Here's all you need to know...

You can choose between 2 subscriptions: "Passion" or "Folie".

These are paid monthly subscriptions giving you access to the non-public content of my website.

This content includes new and exclusive photos and videos stored on different galleries up dated monthly by new series.

You can see all the details of this content and discover extracts on my page: "Discover me".

The PASSION subscription:

This subscription gives you access to a gallery called "Passion" which currently contains 11 series (as of 05/01/2020). This gallery is up dated each month by 2 new photo series. It is thus enriched over the months. Eventually a system of archiving the series or reward will be set up so as not to harm the most faithful members. In this gallery I expose my photographic works of all styles, lifestyle, lingerie, nude, fashion, artistic or other according to projects. All the photo series are totally exclusive and unpublished, the subscribed members of my website are the only ones to have the exclusive access to them so. Please note that I publicly share between 2 and 5 photos from these exclusive works in order to promote my website.

In this subscription you also have access to all non-public videos and one mew published each month.

This subscription costs 30€/month.

The FOLIE subscription:

This subscription gives you access to everything that the "Passion" subscription offers and gives you more content.

Notably the access to the gallery "Folie" which currently includes 12 photos series focusing on nude and sensuality. You can discover the cover photos of each series on the page: "Discover me".

The Folie subscription also gives you access to the publication of one additional photo series per month which is published in.

In addition, it gives you privileged and exclusive access to the "Awakening of the Senses" ("Eveil des sens" in french) gallery, which includes new photo series on the theme of the nude and more intimate, carnal sensuality or erotic.

And finally, the Folie subscription allows you to benefit from special offers:

- 20% discount for the purchase of art prints,

- 20% discount for the purchase of the book "Body and Soul".

To take advantage of these discounts, please send a request by email: eliya.ca.pro@gmail.com

This subscription costs: 40€/month

Buyers of the book "Body and Soul", specific advantage:

All the buyers of my book, holding the status of subscribed members, "Passion" or "Madly" will benefit at the end of their annual subscription, of 2 months of subscription offered.

An email will be sent to you to set up.

Become a member.


When you take out a subscription you commit yourself for a period of 3 months and after this period you can cancel it at any time by formulating a request by e-mail. Your subscription will be automatically renewed for a period of 12 months in total.

My general conditions of sale are up to date and stipulate that by taking out a subscription you expressly and irrevocably accept them and you certify on your honour that you are of legal age to view nude content.

It is strictly forbidden to use or exploit the photos and videos from my website under penalty of prosecution. The downloading of non-public content is prohibited, as well as its use and distribution on any network.

The FREEDOM gallery:

Access to exclusive content without subscription.

A new feature allows you to purchase access to a page to view the series of your choice online. Please note that the payment gives access to a page online, you do not buy the photos. It is therefore strictly forbidden to use, exploit, or distribute the photos.

Click here to see the gallery: "Freedom".

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